Mission Statement

To serve state utility regulators by producing and disseminating relevant, high-quality research that provides the analytical framework and practical tools necessary to improve their public interest decision-making.


In all our activities we will embody the following values: relevance, excellence, objectivity, creativity, independence, fiscal prudence, ethics, timeliness and continuous improvement.

Four Priority Activities

To achieve its mission in the context of its values, NRRI engages in four priority activities:

  1. Identify regulatory challenges, both current and future, affecting state regulation of companies in the natural gas, electricity, water, and telecommunications industries. Work closely with both commissioners and staff on NARUC industry-sector committees to accomplish this goal.

  2. Create cutting-edge research that assists state regulators to meet current and future challenges;

  3. Disseminate research in ways that maximizes its impact and value to state regulators in a cost-effective manner incorporating modern technologies;

  4. Collaborate with academic, private sector, public sector, and non-governmental institutions and stakeholders to support state utility regulators by providing objective research and non-advocacy based consulting.

The NARUC-NRRI Relationship

NRRI was founded in 1976 by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). While corporately independent, NARUC and NRRI are linked in multiple ways to ensure accountability. NRRI’s formation and its dues structure were approved by NARUC’s Board of Directors. NRRI’s bylaws were approved by the NARUC Board’s Executive Committee. State commissioners constitute a majority of NRRI’s Board. NARUC’s Executive Committee receives regular reports on NRRI from its Second Vice President, who is an ex officio member of NRRI’s Board. The NARUC Board’s Education and Research Subcommittee evaluates NRRI’s performance and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors. NARUC’s Executive Director is an ex officio member of the NRRI Board and NARUC’s Chief Financial Officer is an ex officio member of the audit committee of NRRI’s Board.

NRRI serves as a research instrument to its dues payers. NARUC, as the association of all state regulators, is invested in quality research serving its members. NRRI will coordinate its activities to support NARUC’s policy, research, educational and member-support service to state commissions.